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Q: How do I enter information into More Info?

More Visit Information - Claim Level

Ambulance - Claim Level

Contract - Claim Level

Dates - Claim Level

File Information - Claim Level

Reserved for Local Use (box 19) - Claim Level

Medicaid Resubmission Number for CMS 1500 Paper Claim

Misc Details - Claim Notes

Misc Details - Original Reference Number/ICN

Misc Details - Lab CLIA Number

Misc Details - EPSDT

Misc Details - Spinal Manipulation

Misc Details - Mammography

Misc Details - Service Authorization Exemption

Misc Details - Investigational Device

Misc Details - Medical Record Number

Misc Details - Condition Information

Misc Details - Demonstration Project

Misc Details - Care Plan Oversight

More Info Patient Tab - Claim Level

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Referral/Authorization - Claim Level

Supplemental Information Tab - Claim Level

Vision - Claim Level

More Visit Information Charge Level - Dialysis and DME

Additional Information - Charge Level Drug Tab

Additional Information Supporting Documentation - Charge Level