Register to ePrescribe

How do I register to ePrescribe?

If the above message is received while using Provider Manager, the Provider is not registered to ePrescribe.  Follow the instructions below to register.

1. Go to

To register, submit a technical support ticket by going to

2. New Support Ticket

2. New Support Ticket

Click on New Support Ticket.

3. Enter Clinic and System Information

3. Enter Clinic and System Information

Enter the following information:

  1. Clinic Name
  2. Clinic Zip Code
  3. Contact Name
  4. Phone
  5. Email
  6. Account Number
  7. Preferred Contact Method
  8. Can you access your records?
  9. SOAPware Version number
  10. Requested Department
  11. Subject: Select eRx (RX Manager)
  12. Are you a SOAPware Hosting Service customer?

4. Enter Description

4. Enter Description

In the description box enter the following information (see example above):

  • Provider ______________ needs to be registered to ePrescribe.
  • Provider Name:
  • DEA# (if applicable):
  • NPI#:
  • Indicate if you would like to be setup for both New and Refill ePrescribing capabilities or if you would prefer to be setup to only send New prescriptions (and not receive Refill requests electronically).

5. Submit Support Ticket

5. Submit Support Ticket

Click the Submit button.  

Technical Support will contact the clinic when registration has been completed or if any additional information is needed.

Technical Support Hours

Standard Hours: 7a-7p Monday-Friday | 10a-4p Saturday

Holidays Closed: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day

Emergency Hours/Non-Standard Support: $150 Per Hour. Available 24/7 (Excluding Holidays) for emergency incidents outside our Standard Support Hours (1-800-455-7627)

Identity Proofing for ePrescribing

Effective April 28th, 2016, Surescripts now requires that all newly registered Surescripts providers must complete an identity proofing process (IDP) before being granted access to submit ePrescriptions. Once you submit a ticket, you will be contacted by a SOAPware representative to help you begin the identity proofing process.  There is a $150 one-time set up fee for ePrescribing and Identity Proofing.  For more information on the IDP process, please see: Identity Proofing for ePrescribing.

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