Resubmit Rejected Claims

Q: How do I correct a claim rejected by the Clearinghouse?

1. Open the Scheduler Workspace

Go to the SOAPware menu, then click Schedule.

2. Open the Patient Account

2. Open the Patient Account

1. Click on the Billing menu, then select Patient Account.

2. Search for and select the patient using the Chart Rack.

3. Open the Claims Tab

3. Open the Claims Tab

Click on the Claims tab within the patient account.

4. Select Claim to Correct

To view the claim details for a rejected claim, double-click on the claim line.  This will open the Claim Details for the selected claim.

This will allow the user to edit claims that have been submitted to the clearinghouse or receiver and rejected with errors prior to submission to payer.

If the rejection was for:

  1. Visit Information: Click the More Info button to edit visit information details.
  2. Charge Details: Double-click on the charge line to edit the charge details.

3.     Move the claim to the On Hold section in the Claims Manager by placing a check mark in the box.

For instructions on making corrections to claims, please see: Correct and Rebuild an On Hold Claim.