ePrescribe a Medication

Q: How do I ePrescribe a medication?

1. Insert Medication into the SOAP note

1. Insert Medication into the SOAP note
  1. Type the name of the medication into the SOAP note Medication field, then hit Shift + F11 on the keyboard.
  2. Double click on the desired medication.

Complete the Medication Sub-Items

Complete all of the sub-items for the medication, including Strength, SIG (Dose, Freq, Route), Dispense, Substitutions, Refills, Pharmacy Notes, and Days Supply.  To complete the sub-items, click on the item and select the desired option from the SMARText Quick Access window.

2. Open Rx Manager

Press F8 on the keyboard to open the Rx Manager.

3. Select Pharmacy

3. Select Pharmacy

The pharmacy that is set as the default in the patients demographics will display in the Rx Manager on the Rx Pad tab.  If this is not selected, or to change the selected pharmacy, click on the downward facing arrow to select the pharmacy.

- Preferred Pharmacy Selection

In addition, users can also set the patients default pharmacies from within Rx Manager. Using the drop down menu, select the pharmacy, then click either the (1) (2) or (3) favorite icons to indicate this pharmacy is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd preferred pharmacy for the patient.  This will allow the patient to indicate a preferred retail, mail order, or other pharmacy to be recorded on their chart, and this setting will be saved to the patient's Demographics chart section.

4. View/Correct Errors

4. View/Correct Errors

Any required part of the prescription that is not complete will be marked by a red circle with an X.  Click and choose items from the appropriate drop down menus, to correct errors in the prescription.  This information must be completed before the prescription(s) may be sent.

5. Submit the Prescription

Once all information has been checked within the Rx Pad tab, click the Submit button.

*Note: All non-scheduled medications will ePrescribe to the pharmacy by default (if the clinician is registered for ePrescribing).  If the clinician is registered for EPCS, controlled medications will ePrescribe by default as well.


ePrescribing and EPCS requirse setup and completion of an identity proofing process prior to use.  For more information on ePrescribing setup, Click Here.