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Order a Referral in Order Manager

Q: How do I order a referral in Order Manager?

1. Open Order Manager

Order Manager

Click on the Order Manager button located on the Common Toolbar or go to Docutainers > Order Entry > Order Manager.

2. Create a New Order

Place Order
  1. Click the Create a New Order (green +) button.
  2. Enter a referral name (or search for "referral") in the Find box and click on the Search button. *Note: If you do not have the necessary referral order downloaded, check the "Include Cloud Library Items" box to search the library.
  3. Highlight the referral.
  4. Click Select to enter the referral.

3. Complete Sub-Items

  1. Click to highlight the referral.
  2. Complete all sub-items by clicking on the blue underlined words to reveal pick lists in the SMARText Quick Access list.

4. Confirm Order

Confirm order
  1. Print Preview: To preview the order before printing, faxing, or sending electronically, click the Print Preview button.
  2. Fax: To fax the order to an outside facility using SOAPware Outbound Faxing, click the Fax button and select the design to be sent from the drop down list that is presented.
  3. Print: To print the order, click the Print button and select the design to be printed. *Note: If you wish to preview before printing, you must click Print Preview.
  4. Send Electronically: To send the order in a myHEALTHware Conversation, click the Send Electronic button and select the appropriate document design or Care Summary document.  To send the Care Summary electronically per MIPS requirements, use this button.

5. Send Care Summary for Referral

Care Summary

To send the Care Summary electronically, for MIPS Health Information Exchange objective, to the consulting physician, click the Send Electronic button and select the Care Summary option.


6. Send Task Order

Task Order

A Task Order will be created:

  1. Complete all task information fields.
  2. Click Select to place the referral order and send a message to the appropriate task list.

7. Send Care Summary Electronically through myHEALTHware

New MHW Conversation

To send the Care Summary electronically to the consulting clinician, follow the steps below:

  1. From: Select one of the following options for your Send From address: (1) Me: Choosing this option will allow you to send the message directly from your personal myHEALTHware account to one of your People Connections; (2) My Organization: Choosing this option will allow you to send the message on behalf of your organization to a connection that is also connected to the same organization.
  2. To: Using the drop down menu, choose the recipient that you wish to send the Care Summary to (ie: the consulting clinician).  The options listed in the drop down menu will display all of your myHEALTHware connections based on your selection in step 1.
  3. Topic: Enter or edit the topic of your message.
  4. Message: Enter or edit the message to be sent.  The Care Summary document is attached to the message and is displayed in the Attachments section.
  5. Send: Once you are ready to send the message, click the Send button.  The message will be sent to the consulting clinician via myHEALTHware secure message.