Dependency Report

Q: How do I run a fee schedule dependency report?

1. Select the Dependency Report

1. Select the Dependency Report

The dependency report will display a list showing the fee schedules that have dependencies on them.

To run the dependency report, click on the Billing menu, then select Reports and Dependency Report.

Description of Report

  1. Base Fee Schedule: The fee schedule listed at the top of each line is the base fee schedule.  The items listed below it display the fee schedule and the percentage based upon the base fee schedule.
  2. Dependent Fee Schedule: The name of the fee schedule that is based on the base fee schedule.
  3. Percentage: The percentage of the base fee schedule that is used to calculate the dependent fee schedule.

2. Print or Save Report as Desired

If desired, the user may print or save the report using the menu bar located at the top of the Print Preview page.

  1. Print
  2. Save as PDF, Excel, CSV or other file type.
  3. When finished, click the Close Print Preview button.