Print Patient Handouts

Q: How do I print patient handouts?

1. Insert Handouts into the Patient's Chart

Please click here to view how to access the MU Patient Dashboard, and what SOAPnote fields to complete prior to inserting handouts into the Plan field.

Click on the Patient Education item in the MU Patient Dashboard.

Suggested handouts appear in the Plan field of the SOAPnote based on what documentation was inserted into the Assessment, Plan and Medications fields.

2. Open Available Document Designs

2. Open Available Document Designs

Click on the Available Document Designs docked tab.


3. Select Handouts Design

  1. Highlight the Print Handouts Alone design
  2. Click Print

*Note: If this handout is not available in the document designs print window, the design will need to be downloaded from the online library in Document Designer, before it can be printed.