Change a Users Security Permissions

Q: How do I change a users security permissions?

1.  Open Security

Log in as the administrator.  Click on the Tools menu, then select Security.

2.  Locate the User

2.  Locate the User
  1. Click the + next to Users.
  2. Click the + next to the name of the user that you wish to edit.

3.  Expand Security Sections

3.  Expand Security Sections

To edit security permissions, click the + icons to expand the section that you wish to edit.  Once located, highlight the section that you wish to edit.

4.  Assign Security Permissions

Edit the user's security permissions by clicking the box next to the action until the desired permission is displayed.

  • Green Check = Allowed
  • Red X = Denied
  • Empty Box = Denied

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all desired changes have been made.

5.  Save Changes

5.  Save Changes

Click the Close box and log out of SOAPware.  The user that was edited will need to log out and back into SOAPware before the changes will take effect.