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Enter the Patients Insurance Information

Q: How do I enter the patients insurance information?

1.  Open the Patient Chart

To open the chart, go to the Chart menu, then select Chart Rack.  Search for the patient and click the Open Chart button.

2.  Open the Demographics Tab

2.  Open the Demographics Tab

Click the Demographics tab at the top of the chart.

*Note: If the demographics tab is not at the top of the chart, open it through the Chart Navigator.

3. Open the Insurance Section

3. Open the Insurance Section

To open the insurance section:

  1. Click on the splitter bar at the bottom of the Demographics chart section to open it.
  2. Select Insurance

4. Add Insurance

4. Add Insurance
  1. Click the Green + to enter a New Insurance policy for the patient.
  2. Complete the insurance information.
  3. Click Save

*Note: If you are a Clinical Suite user and use SOAPware Billing, please see the following lessons for more details about setting up a patient's insurance policy: Insurance Policy Setup.

The insurance information has been saved and will be display within the Insurance Demographics section of the patients chart.