Apply a Payment to a Patient Account

Q: How do I apply a payment to a patient account?

1. Open the Patient's Account

1. Open the Patient's Account

Click on the Billing menu, then select Patient Account.  Or click on the Billing menu, then select Enter Payments.

Search for the account using the patient's last name, then click Select to open the account.

*Note: If you opened the patient account by clicking the Billing menu, then selecting Enter Payments, skip steps 2 & 3 below.

2. Open the New Charges Tab

2. Open the New Charges Tab
  1. To apply a payment to charges upon checkout, click on the New Charges tab.
  2. If you wish to enter a payment for other charges, click on the Ledger tab.

3. Add Payment

Click the Add Payment button.

4. Complete Payer and Payment Details

  1. Payer Details: This section will default to the patient's Guarantor; however this can be edited to select a different payer if necessary.  For instructions on changing the payer see: Change the Payer for a Patient Payment.
  2. Payment Details: In this section, you will need to select the Payment Type, Facility, Pay Date, Pay Method, enter a Reference number. Finally, you'll enter the Amount of the payment.
  3. Comments: Add comments to the payment as needed.

5. Disburse the Payment

Disburse this payment to a charge(s) by clicking one of the following buttons based upon your preference:

  1. Disburse: To automatically apply this payment to the patient's oldest outstanding charges, click the Disburse button.
  2. Pay All: To apply payment to all outstanding charges on the account at one time, click the Pay All button.
  3. Disburse to Line Item: To apply this payment to the current charge or another selected charge, click the Arrow button located next to the Applied amount on the charge line.

6. Save the Payment

  1. The payment has now been applied to the charge(s).
  2. Clear Applied: This button will remove the current payments applied and resent the amount to disburse.
  3. Print Receipt After Saving: If you wish to print a receipt for the patient, check the box. Uncheck the box if you do not wish to print a receipt at this time.
  4. Save: Click Save to save the payment.

7. Payment Posted

After saving, the payment will be applied to the new charges and will be posted to the ledger once the new charge is posted.

If the payment was entered from the Ledger tab, the payment will be posted to the ledger.