Correct and Rebuild an On Hold Claim

Q: How do I correct and rebuild a claim?

1. Open the Claims Manager

1. Open the Claims Manager

To open the Claims Manager, click on the Billing menu then select Claims Manager.

2. Scrub Pending Claims

2. Scrub Pending Claims

To scrub the claims, click the Scrub button.

If claims pass the scrub, they will be moved to the Ready To Process section.

3. Scrub Errors

If the scrubber finds an error on any of the claims, those claims will be moved to the On Hold section with a description of the error noted in the "Hold Notes" column. Click the OK button on the Scrub Errors window.

4. Open the Claim with Errors

To correct the claim with the errors, double-click on the claim line from within the On Hold section.

5. Make Corrections as Indicated in Error

After double-clicking on the claim line within the Claims Manager, the patient account will open to the Claims tab with the active claim displayed.  

We will now need to make the corrections to this claim as indicated in the scrub errors.  In our example above, the error indicated that we need at least one diagnosis code must be entered for the charge 99213.  Since the error is with charge 99213, we will double-click on the charge to open the Charge Details window.

*Note: For help with correcting other types of scrub errors, please see: Scrubber Errors - How to Correct and Rebuild Claim.

To correct the error in the example detailed above, we will add our diagnosis codes to the charge, then Save our changes.

6. Rebuild the Claim

After the charge has been corrected, return to the Claims Manager window, highlight the corrected claim and click the Rebuild button.

7. Re-Scrub the Claim

After rebuilding the claim, it will be moved back to the Pending window.  Highlight the claim in the Pending window, then click the Scrub button to re-scrub the claim.

Claim is Ready to Submit

After correcting, rebuilding and re-scrubbing the claim, if no additional errors are found, the claim will be moved to the Ready To Submit window.

For instructions on submitting the claims, please see: Submit Claims.