Setup Scanning Options

Q: How do I setup my scanning options?

1.  Open the Options Window

Click on the Tools menu, then select Options.

2. Select OCR Settings

2. Select OCR Settings
  1. Click on OCR.
  2. Select the desired settings for Accuracy, Resolution, Color Type and Bit Depth.

3. Select Scanning Settings

3. Select Scanning Settings
  1. Click on Scanning.
  2. Select the desired settings for Resolution, Color Type and Bit Depth.

*Note: Higher Resolution, bit depth and color settings will produce a clearer picture. However, higher settings will require more memory space and will scan slower.

4. Close Options Window

4. Close Options Window

Click the Close button to exit the Options menu.  In order for the changes to take effect, users must log out of SOAPware.

Not all scanners correctly recognize the SOAPware settings found in Tools > Options. Please be sure your actual scanner settings are also set to the desired or recommended options.

SOAPware strongly recommends the default settings for scanners be set at the following:

  • No greater than 150 dpi resolution.
  • Black and white color type. *Note: Xrays are the exception and can be set to gray scale.
  • Images should be imported as .jpg files.
  • Bit depth should be set to 8 or lower.