Start SOAPware for the First Time

Q: How do I start SOAPware for the first time?

1. Run SOAPware

To run SOAPware, simply double-click on the SOAPware desktop icon.

If you do not have a SOAPware desktop icon, go to Start > All Programs > SOAPware > SOAPware.

2. Log Into SOAPware as Administrator

The first time you login to SOAPware, you will need to login as the Administrator.

  1. User ID: type "administrator".
  2. Password: enter the administrator password that was given to you upon installation.
  3. Server: type the IP address or server name of your server.
  4. Port: leave set to port 5432
  5. Click Login

3. Register SOAPware

3. Register SOAPware

The first time that you run SOAPware, you need to complete the site registration. Enter your Site ID into the box, then click Register.

*Note: An active internet connection is required for registration.

If you enter the wrong Site ID, you will receive the following message "œSite ID specified is not valid". Please enter the proper Site ID or contact SOAPware Support for assistance.

Once the registration is complete, you will receive the above message. Click OK.

4. Setup Providers in Site Administration

The Site Administrator window will open. Click the Add Provider.

Complete the appropriate information for the first provider in your clinic. Items in red are required.

  • Click the Save & Close button.
  • Repeat step 4 until all providers in your have been added.

After all providers have been entered, close the Site Administration window by clicking the red X in the top corner of your internet browser.

5. Complete Site Registration

5. Complete Site Registration

Return to the Site Registration window, then click the Register button again to complete the registration process.

6. Change Administrator Password

6. Change Administrator Password

The first time that SOAPware loads, you will be prompted to change the Administrator password. Click OK.

Enter the Old Password, then create and confirm your New Password. Click OK to finish.

*Warning: Do not forget the new Administrator password. SOAPware, Inc. will not be able to recover a lost administrator password.

You will then be logged into SOAPware under the Administrator account.

Next... Setup General Security Policy

Please see the next lesson for instructions on setting up the general security policy.