End of Month Report

Q: How do I run an end of month report?

1. Select the End of Month Report

1. Select the End of Month Report

The End of Month report aging is based on all charges that have been posted (for the provider/group selected), and all payments and adjustments that have been posted to those charges, as of the end of the month or the current date, which ever occurs first chronologically. Charges, payments, and adjustments must be posted or applied in the given month to appear in the MTD area and in the given year to appear in the YTD.

To run the report, click on the Billing menu then select Reports and End of Month Report.

2. Select Report Options & Run

2. Select Report Options & Run
  1. Date: Select the desired month and year for the end of month report.
  2. Group/Provider: If you wish to filter the report by a Group or Provider, select the appropriate option using the drop-down menu.  If you wish to see a report for all Groups/Provdiers, leave the selection blank.
  3. Date By: Select Date of Service if you wish to see the aging based on the Date of Service of each charge.  Select Posted Date if you wish to see the aging based on the Posted Date of each charge.
  4. Click the OK button to run the report.

Description of Report

If desired, the user may print or save the report using the menu bar located at the top of the Print Preview page.

  1. Print
  2. Save as PDF, Excel, CSV or other file type.
  3. When finished, click the Close Print Preview button.