Dock a Tab

How do I dock a tab?

1. Open the Window to be Docked

Open the window that you wish to dock.

2. Drag and Drop the Window

2.  Drag and Drop the Window
  1. Left click in the title bar of the window and begin to drag the window.  Several arrows will appear on the screen that will indicate where the window can be docked.
  2. While dragging the window, place your mouse directly over the desired arrow.
  3. Drop the window directly on top of the arrow.

3.  Pinned Window vs Unpinned Window

Pinned vs Unpinned
  1. The window has now be docked and is pinned open.  When a window is pinned open it cannot be closed (see screenshot above).
  2. A second option is to unpin the window.  To unpin this window, simply click the push pin icon (icon will face to the side).
  3. When a window is unpinned, it will create a docked tab that can be clicked on to access the window.