Set Up General Security Policy

Q: How do I setup the general security policy for SOAPware?

1. Log Into SOAPware as Administrator

  1. User ID: type "administrator".
  2. Password: enter your SOAPware administrator password

2. Open Security

To open Security, click on the Tools menu, then select Security.

3. Define Password Policy

3. Define Password Policy

The Password Policy allows you to define a minimum password length for your users, as well as, a time period that password will expire and alpha-numeric passwords.

4. Define Lockout Policy

4. Define Lockout Policy

The Lockout Policy can be setup to ensure that if somebody is trying to guess another user's password, it will disable the account for a period of time.

5. Set Idle Logout

6. Set Idle Logout

This determines when to log out a user after a certain amount of idle time has occurred. This is done to make sure that patient information is not visible.

6. Login Window

7. Login Window

If you wish for SOAPware to remember the User ID of the last person that logged in, check the "Remember las user login name" box.

7. Signature Password

8. Signature Password

If the provider would like additional security attached to the sign off of notes, check the "Require password to sign documents" box.

8. Emergency Access

*Emergency Access

Emergency access privileges can be set up for all users to be used when needed.  The Emergency Access setting allows the administrator to enable emergency access privileges for all users.  For information on setting up emergency access privileges, please see: Emergency Access.

9. Close & Log Out

9. Close & Log Out

After making changes to the General Security policy, click the Close button.  All users must then log out and back into SOAPware for the changes to take effect.

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Please see the next lesson for instructions on setting up the general security policy.