Assign a CLIA Number to Lab Codes

Q: How do I assign CLIA numbers to lab charges?

Assign CLIA Number to CPT Codes

CLIA numbers can be assigned to CPT codes, and will be included on CMS 1500 paper claims or electronic claims when assigned codes are included in an encounter documented in a SOAPnote, or manually entered in New Charges Tab. The CLIA number is pulled from the Active Facility selected in the Scheduler when the visit is created, and can be overridden in More Info->Misc Details tab->Lab section.

Select CPT Codes to Include CLIA Number

Select CPT Codes to Include CLIA Number

Click on Tools menu, Billing Maintenance, then select CPT Maintenance.

1.    Type CPT code or description to activate code.

2.    Place a check mark in the box to Include CLIA Number.

3.    Click Save. Repeat for each code that requires a CLIA number when submitting to payers.