Set Up Immunization Entry

Q: How do I set up immunization entry?

1. Download the Immunizations Used in Your Clinic

Before you can enter immunizations, the Immunization order items that you use in your clinic must first be downloaded from the SOAPware Cloud Library.

To download the immunization order items, go to Docutainers > SMARText Items (or hit F10 on your keyboard).

To view a list of all available immunization items for download, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the "Include Cloud Library Items" box is checked.
  2. Enter the search term "cvxi" into the search box.
  3. Click the Search button.

To download an immunization item:

  1. Locate the item that you wish to download.  Ensure that the item has a Type of "Immunization Order".  This type is required in order for the immunization to be transferred to the Immunizations chart section (if you download and Order Entry item, it will not transfer to the Immunizations chart section).
  2. Highlight the order that you wish to download (orders that are on the online library that have not been downloaded to your system will have green down-ward facing arrows.  These items are available for download.
  3. Click the Download button (blue down-ward facing arrow).

*Note: SOAPware suggest that you download only green downward facing items from the SOAPware Cloud Library.  These are SOAPware verified items which contain all of the appropriate coding in the background.  Yellow items have been customized by other SOAPware users and their coding system and properties are not verified by SOAPware.

2. Set Up Immunization Sub-Items

2. Set Up Immunization Sub-Items

Next, you will need to specify the sub-items that you would like displayed for all of your immunization items.  To do this, click on Tools > Options > Structured Order Entry > Immunization Orders, then place a check in the box next to each sub-item that you wish to display for your immunizations.

It is recommended that you display, at minimum, the following sub-items:

  • Dose
  • Site
  • Route
  • Manufacturer
  • Lot #
  • Date VIS Given (if required by your state immunization registry)
  • Date VIS Published (if required by your state immunization registry)
  • Vaccinator (the staff member that gave the vaccination)
  • Status (to record if the immunization is new, historical, refused, or not performed)
  • Expiration Date
  • NDC #
  • Performed Date
  • Related Dxs and Modifiers (if billing for the item)