Refill a Medication

Q: How do I refill a medication?

1. Open a New or Current SOAP note

1. Open a New or Current SOAP note

Click on the Create a New SOAP note (green +) button, or select an existing unsigned SOAP note.

2. Locate Summary Medication

2. Locate Summary Medication

Locate the medication within the Summary Medication field, that you would like to refill for the patient.

3. Refill the Medication

3. Refill the Medication
  1. Right click on the medication header.
  2. Select Refill from the drop down menu.
  3. The medication will be placed in the Medications field of the current SOAP note. Complete the necessary information (meaning alter the sub-items such as frequency or dose if needed).

4. Open Rx Manager

Press F8 on the keyboard to open Rx Manger.

5. Submit the Medication

  1. The pharmacy that was set as the default pharmacy in the demographics field, will display within the Rx Manager, on the Rx Pad tab.  To change pharmacies, click on the downward facing arrow and select the desired pharmacy. A user can also click either the (1) (2) or (3) favorite icons to indicate this pharmacy is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd preferred pharmacy for the patient.  This will allow the patient to indicate a preferred retail, mail order, or other pharmacy to be recorded on their chart, and this setting will be saved to the patient's Demographics chart section.
  2. Click Submit.

Medication Refilled

The medication has been refilled and has been sent to the pharmacy.