Record and Submit Immunizations

This lesson will discuss how to export an immunization record to submit to a state registry.  


- OR Immunization Registries Data Submission

Documenting the Immunization

Documenting the Immunization

Illustration above displays an immunization order entered using the Order Manager. For more information on Order Manager, see: Order Manager.

Due to the way Immunization Order SMARText items are designed:

1. They cannot be searched and inserted into the plan field by using F11 or Shift F11.

2. They cannot be part of a SMARText Pick List.

3. They cannot be selected from SMARText  Quick Access.

4. They cannot be inserted into the Plan field by using a shortcut macro.

5. They cannot be inserted using the F4 Quick Entry Method.

Immunization Orders may only be entered using Order Manager.


Orders transferred to the SOAPnote from Order Manager appear as above.

Submitting Immunizations

Submitting Immunizations

To Submit an Immunization Record:

1. Click on Chart.

2. Select Export.

3. Select Export Immunization Records.


Save the File

Save the File

1.  Select the desired location on the local computer to save this to and name the file.  The file must be saved as an .er7 file.  

2.  Then Select Save.

The file has now been exported from SOAPware and is ready to submit to the registries.