Document Designer Properties

Once the document has been completed, there will be other, very important commands that the user will need to consider adding to a document.  These commands are hidden in the background, but are embedded within the design. The Design Properties dialog offers the user a variety of options for controlling how a document design functions.  These options are specific to the design so each can be controlled to an even greater extent.

Document Design Properties

To access the Design Properties dialog, Click Edit in the menu bar, and then Click the Design Properties menu item.


User System Default Printer: tells SOAPware to send the document deign to the default printer.

Display Printer Selection Dialog: allows the user to choose a local printer to send document.

Send to: sends the document to the selected designated printer or fax.



Print Selected Handouts: when a user prints the report, any handouts selected in the Plan field of the SOAPnote will also print.

Auto Store Current Encounter Fields to corresponding Summary fields if they are empty (Assessment, Medications and Objective): sets SOAPware to transfer information from the currently active SOAPnote to the Summary side of the patient chart when printing, if it corresponds to an empty Summary field.

Include all associated Document Items: allows a design that prints to include any other documents that have been attached to that docutainer to print as well.  For example, it would print all documents that are attached to a SOAPnote docutainer.

Secure Quantity/Refill Numbers: this command places double asterisks (**) before and after the refill number making it difficult to add a numeric value to increase refills on a printed prescription.


Additional Reports

The selected additional document designs will print when this design is printed.  For example, when a referral letter is printed a soap encounter note could be printed simultaneously.


This setting allows the user to automatically apply bold formatting to specific words.  To specify the words to be made bold, enter them in the text box separated by commas.

Design Types

General Design: applies to all print designs other than Order  or Rx Manager.

Order Design: applies to any design that is created to be used within Order Manager.

Rx Manger: applies to an prescription design that needs to specify how many prescriptions will print per page.



The Destination tabs allows the option of saving a copy of the printed document to a specific chart section in Chart Navigator.  Or, Click "Do not save a copy of this report when printed."

Page Layout

Keep source field formatting: source field formatting will be preserved that exists in the original docutainer.