Online Access for Patients

This lesson will explain how to enroll patients for online access. Enrolling Patients for online access will allow patients to view and print their medical record in the CCR (Continuity of Care Record) format.


- Patient Electronic Access

Entering Patient's E-mail address

Entering Patient's E-mail address

Email address for patients may be entered in the Patient Demographics of the Chart.

1. Enter the patient's e-mail address

2. Check the "Enroll for Online Access" box.

When the Enroll for online access is checked.  A message box will appear that stated SOAPware is Registering with Patient Portal.

This will automatically send an e-mail to the patient's indicated email, in their demographics.

Patient will Receive an E-mail

Patient will Receive an E-mail

The patient will click on the Patient Portal link from the e-mail.

On the SOAPware Patient Portal home screen, the patient will authenticate with the following:

1. Enter Email, birth date, and social security number for the pin number.

2. Create and confirm a password.

3. Check "I agree with the Terms and Conditions" box.

4. Click Create Account.


The Patient Portal will display information for the patient to view and print.

The Document contains All information from the Patient Demographics, Summary, Lab Results,  Vital Signs, List of Encounters with Description, Assessments and Plan fields.