Adding a New Handout

If the user needs to create a custom handout, or a handout on a topic not covered by an existing handout, the user can create his/her own.

New Handout

New Handout

New handouts can be created in the Handouts Manager by Clicking the New Handout button (or by Pressing Control + Alt + N).  

Create New Handout

Create New Handout

Clicking the New Handout button will open the Create New Handout dialog.  Enter the desired handout name then Click the Create button.

Handout Demographic Information

A new, empty handout will appear in the handout preview window. Complete the document demographic information. The new handout’s name will be filled in automatically. Enter a short Description and at least one Keyword for the new handout. Other options are to type the name of the author and the author’s email.

*Note: The Keywords are what SOAPware uses to find handouts, so be sure to include any keywords that are related to the handout.  Also note that the keywords need to be either a medication name or a diagnosis.

Creating a Text Handout

To create the content for the new handout, type information, or copy and paste information from another text document in between the green brackets.  The new handout is automatically saved when exiting.

Step 1: Creating a PDF Handout

To create a PDF handout, follow the steps below:

1.  Locate the PDF document that the user wishes to import into SOAPware.

2.  Left-click on the PDF document and begin dragging it into the Handouts window.  Place the mouse cursor to the right of the active tab within the newly created handout, then release the Left Click.  This will import the PDF document into SOAPware Handouts.

Step 2: Creating a PDF Handout

Step 2: Creating a PDF Handout

After the user has imported the PDF handout, the blank text handout tab will need to be deleted.  To do this, Right-click on top of the empty tab and Select Delete.