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Exploring the SOAPware Interface - Toolbars

Many commands in SOAPware are used repeatedly, and it is common to place frequently used commands on toolbars. By default, a common toolbar is placed on the right side of the screen. Multiple toolbars are an option, and they can be placed/docked to any edge of the screen. Also, they can float anywhere desired.

Primary Toolbar - Menu

Primary Toolbar - Menu

1. SOAPware Workspaces

SOAPware contains many different workspaces. Each has a different function.  If users want to change workspaces, just Click on SOAPware, and select another workspace.

2. Chart

The Chart menu provides many of the tools needed for the chart workspace.

3. Billing

The Billing menu will be grayed out unless the user has the SOAPware Billing Suite. This area allows the user to maintain their billing workspace.

4. Docutainers

This menu area includes many tools needed to create and build users' documentation, including Rx Manager, Templates, and SMARText, as well as many other tools.

5. Edit

The Edit menu provides tools needed for editing documentation.

6. Tools

The Tools menu is an area where users will do a lot of set up for their SOAPware workflow.  For example, a user would want to come to this menu option to set up  insurance companies, pharmacies, and contacts.

7. View

The View menu includes refill requests, layouts, and several view-related settings.

8. Help Menu

One of the many options within the Help Menu is to view what version of SOAPware is running on the database. Click Help > About SOAPware.

Common Toolbar

Common Toolbar

The Common Toolbar provides quick access to many frequently used tools in SOAPware. Instead of having to search using the primary tool, Click on the buttons on the toolbar to perform the following actions:

  1. Scan an image
  2. Zoom in
  3. Zoom out
  4. Print a document from Available Document Designs
  5. Manage an order
  6. Close the chart
  7. Refile a chart
  8. Handout Manager
  9. Unlock chart sections
  10. Undo
  11. Cut

Multiple Toolbar Options

Multiple Toolbar Options

In addition to the Common Toolbar, there are several additional toolbars available. To view these, Click on the Tools Menu and select "Customize". This will bring up the Customize window above. Click each individual toolbar wished to be displayed.

The additional toolbars are:

  1. Imaging
  2. Edit
  3. Document Management
  4. Patient Management

Users may also Click "New" to create their own customized toolbar, and may Click Reset to reset the toolbars to the default settings.

Customizing Toolbars

Customizing Toolbars

Users may customize the existing toolbars by adding and deleting buttons from the existing toolbar. To do this, Click the Commands tab in the Customize window shown above.

  1. To add commands to a toolbar, locate the command  to add. To locate the commands a user would like to include,  Click on "All Commands", or  browse by category, such as "Chart Section" or "Edit".
  2. Next, Click and hold on the command in the "Command" section of the window and drag it to the toolbar and drop it in the desired location. When the command is ready to drop, a black bar will be visible in the toolbar, indicating where the new command will be located.

Once the command is dropped, a new button will be placed on the users toolbar.  

Removing a Command from the Toolbar

Removing a Command from the Toolbar

To remove a command from a toolbar, with the command window above still open, Click and hold the button on the toolbar and drag it to the command window and drop it. This will remove it from the toolbar. Users may also use this method to rearrange the commands on the toolbars by dragging them to another position.

Saving Toolbar Customizations

Saving Toolbar Customizations

To save the changes that were made to the toolbar, we will first Close the Customizations window.  Users will then be presented with the warning shown above.

Anytime a user makes changes to their toolbar, they must save their changes by going to Tools > Options > Toolbars > Save.