Security- Encounter Type

This lesson will discuss security settings for the encounter type. This security privilege will allow a user to select whether the encounter is a Face to Face or Non Face to Face Encounter for the SOAPnote documentation to be applied. By default, the encounters will be flagged "Face to Face". This setting may be Role or User specific. This is a Meaningful Use Requirement.

Access Security

Access Security

To access Security, Click on Tools>Security

Note: Only users with Administrative Rights may access Security.

Selecting Roles or Users

Selecting Roles or Users
  1. Click to highlight Roles or Users to set security privileges.
  2. Click the "+" or node next to Roles or Users.
  1. Locate the User
  2. Click the "+" or node next to the User's name
  3. Click the "+" or node next to Chart. This will expand different Chart Sections in SOAPware.
  4. Click the "+" or node next to Encounters.
  5. Click to select SOAPnotes.

Select the Encounter Type privilege for the user in the box. Placing a green check mark for Read and Write will allow the user to select Face to Face or Non Face to Face for the encounter that has been created in the Task Item window.

Encounter Type Selection

Encounter Type Selection

Once a user creates a new encounter, the Add Document Task window will appear. The encounter type may be selected at this time by Clicking on the drop down arrow. By default, encounters will be flagged as a Face to Face encounter.

For more information on Encounter Type, Click here.