Importing a SOAPware Chart

This lesson describes how to import a SOAPware chart from one database to another. This can be done for individual charts as well as a bulk of charts.

Open the Chart Workspace

Open the Chart Workspace

First, the user will need to be in the Chart workspace. Click on SOAPware > Chart.

Import Menu

Import Menu

To open the Import Chart option, Click on Chart > Import.

Locate the Chart to Import

The user will be prompted in the next window to select the location of the chart to import. Locate the chart on the computer. To select an individual chart, simply select the chart to import, and Click "Open."

Select Multiple Charts

To select multiple charts, the user can click on the individual charts he/she would like to include in the import while holding the "Control" button on the keyboard.

To select all charts, the user can click Control + A on the keyboard, and all of the charts in this folder location will be selected for import.

Click "Open" and all of the selected charts will be imported into the SOAPware chart rack and database.