SOAPware Workspaces

This introductory lesson is designed to teach the user how to change workspaces when working in SOAPware.

Charts Workspace

When users first log in to SOAPware, users are in the Chart workspace.

A user knows he/she is in the chart workspace because the user will see the purple SOAPware background.

SOAPware Menu

SOAPware Menu

The SOAPware menu lists all of the available workspaces.  Notice that the Chart workspace is grayed out because we are currently viewing the Chart workspace.

To change the workspace that the user is viewing, Click on the SOAPware menu.

Changing Workspaces

Changing Workspaces

To view a different workspace, simply select the desired workspace from the SOAPware menu.

In this example, we selected Data Explorer.

The selected workspace will open.

To return to the Chart workspace, Click the SOAPware menu and select Chart.