SOAPware Set-up

Many of the SOAPware setup tasks involve simple data entry, however, there are several areas that require clinician input and direction.  The many customizable settings and options available in SOAPware mean virtually any individual preferences and needs related to workflow can be accommodated.

First Things First - Planning Clinical and Office Work Environments

Establishing productive workflows is dependent upon many factors, including the physical layout of computer workstations, printers, scanners and faxing equipment in clinical and office spaces.

1. Printers

Printers should be placed in a location that is convenient to providers and staff members needing to retrieve letters, forms, and prescriptions printed out for patients.

Example: Printers placed at the nursing desk, in each exam room, and/or at the front desk.  A combination of any of these locations may be required, including a centrally-located printing station connected to the clinic network.

2. Scanners

Scanner(s) should be placed in a location that is convenient for use by staff members authorized to scan documents, images, etc. into patient charts.

3. Fax Machines or Electronic Fax Software

Like printers, fax machines should be placed in areas accessible to all who will be using this equipment during the normal clinic workflow.  Multi-function machines such as a printer/fax/copier are sometimes beneficial to improving workflow.  Electronic faxing options, such as myHEALTHware Fax should be considered because it reduces use of paper in the clinic and allows the staff to import faxed documents directly into the patients chart.  For more information about myHEALTHware Fax see: