SOAPware Learns Users' Preferences

Building a SOAPware Favorite's List

Building a SOAPware Favorite's List

SOAPware users will notice that over time, SOAPware continuously builds a "Favorites List" for the user within each Summary and SOAPnote field. The "Favorites List" is specific to the User that is logged into SOAPware. When the user clicks into a specific field in the Summary or SOAPnote sections of the chart, their "Favorites List" will be displayed within the SMARText Quick Access window.

SOAPware will track usage of each SMARText Item by the user and SOAPware also automatically ranks the SMARText items in the list accordingly (most used is displayed towards the top of the list).

Users should consider taking some time to teach SOAPware a little bit about his/her preferred items. The simplest way to do this is to create a practice chart, then find/insert the most commonly used items into the appropriate fields.

*Note: SOAPware stores each user's usage patterns separately so that the list in Quick Access is unique to each user.