Task Manager Workflow

This lesson will demonstrate a sample workflow in Task Manager for a phone call from the patient that is requesting a medication refill request.



Phone Call Received from Patient

The nurse or other user receives the refill request by phone from the patient. The patient's chart will be retrieved to begin documentation. To access the patient chart:

1.  Click on the Chart Rack docked tab.

2.  Or, Chart menu item > Chart Rack.

3.  Or, Use the keyboard command Control + Shift + C.

Create a New SOAPnote Docutainer

Creating a new docutainer will allow the user to document the phone call to make this patient interaction part of the permanent medical record.

Add Document Task

A Task Item will be automatically created to enter the Task information when a new docutainer has been created. This allows the user to enter a Description and Assign the Task (to name a few of the available fields) to a user to be further addressed when necessary. Click the Add button to send this Task Item to the selected user in the "Assigned To" field. By default, the "Assigned To" user will be the selected Active Provider in SOAPware and the "Action/Status" will default with "Needs Review".



Encounter Types

It is important to flag the Encounter Type for the created Task Item. This is a Meaningful Use Requirement. A Face to Face encounter (green background) relates to a patient being seen in a clinic setting. A Non Face to Face (orange background) encounter relates to a phone call or sending a letter with instructions, to name a few Non Face to Face Encounter Types. By default, Encounter Type will be set as Face To Face. Only encounters flagged as Face to Face will trigger the inclusion of a patient in the measured period from the Meaningful Use Dashboard.

Click here for more information regarding Encounter Types.

Document Phone Call in SOAPnote

The phone call has been documented into the current SOAPnote which will be part of the patient's permanent record.

Close Chart

The user should close the patient chart once documentation has been completed with the patient's refill request information. Closing the electronic patient chart has the same benefits as closing the paper chart of a patient. A patient's paper chart should not be left open on a desk and it should not be left opened on a computer screen to be wrongfully available.

There are several available methods to Close a Chart:

1. Click on the Close Chart icon located on the Common Toolbar.

2. Chart menu item > Close.

Or, a keyboard command may be customized to Close a Chart. See Key-Command Customization.

Provider Accesses Their Tasks List

The provider will access their Task List to review any pending Task Items.

To access Task Manager:

1. Click on the Tasks docked tab.

2. SOAPware menu item > Tasks.

3. Use the keyboard command Control + T.

Review Task Items

The provider will review displayed Task Items. To address an item, simply Click to the far left of the item to highlight the row with item information. Double Click on the highlighted item or Click on the View Docutainer button to open the patient's chart and view the docutainer associated with the Task Item to address.

Review Documentation on SOAPnote

The provider will review the documentation on the current SOAPnote that is associated with the Task Item and enter the instructions, approval for the refill request, place the medication into the Medication field of the SOAPnote, need for office visit, etc. into the SOAPnote and reassign Task Item back to the user who will be completing the refill request.

Nurse or Other User Accesses Tasks Manager

The nurse or other user will review the new orders or instructions that the provider has placed into the SOAPnote for the refill request from patient by accessing Tasks Manager. The docutainer with the refill request documentation will be viewed and understood. The patient will be notified by phone that their request has been approved or informed that they will need an office visit per the provider's instructions before their refill request can be granted.

ePrescribe Patient Refill Request

The nurse or other user will use Rx Manager to transmit the refill request medication for the patient. This will allow the user to ePrescribe, print, fax, or note that samples have been given to the patient.

SOAPnote Documentation

The nurse or other user will complete their documentation in the current SOAPnote. The user will reassigned the Task Item and select "Sign" in the Action Status drop down. This will alert the provider that this Task Item has been completed and is ready to be signed off.

Provider Signs Off Task Item

The provider will sign off the Task Item which will remove it from the Tasks List. A provider has the ability to sign off multiple items at once in Tasks Manager. See Sign Off Multiple Documents, Multiple Patients

Note: Manually created Task Items cannot be signed off. They can only be marked as "Completed". See Manually Created Tasks