Security Auditing in SOAPware

Once Security has been set up and all staff members have a unique login and password, it is possible to track changes and events in SOAPware connecting modifications made to patient information to a specific user.  To be able to search the Audit Logs, a SOAPware Standard or SOAPware Professional license is required.

How to Access Security Manager

How to Access Security Manager

Note: Only the person with Security Administration rights should access Security Manager.  The Security Login ID and Password are assigned specifically for Setting up Security and to perform a Search Audit log.

  • Click on the SOAPware Menu Item
  • Click on Security Manager

How to Perform a Search Audit Log

How to Perform a Search Audit Log
  1. Select a Start Date and an End Date for the Audit search  
  2. Select the User
  3. Select a Location.  Note: Location to the name of the computer  
  4. Enter the computer IP Address
  5. Select  the Section of SOAPware to perform the search
  6. Select the Patient
  7. Inactive Users refers to users who were deleted from the system or whose SOAPware license was inactivated
  8. Click on the Search Button
  9. A list of activities will display