Chart Navigator Views

In this lesson, the user will learn about the 3 different chart navigator view options.

Access Chart Navigator

  1. Click on the Chart Navigator tab docked at the bottom of the screen.
  2. If Chart Navigator is not docked at the bottom, Click on Chart in the main menu toolbar, and Click on Chart Navigator.
  3. Press Control + B on the keyboard.

Chart Navigator Views: Relationship

The Relationship view is the traditional, table of contents view. The patient's name will be displayed to the left, with a list of chart sections.  The patient's list of documents within a chart section will be displayed to the right.  See image above.

Helpful hints:

  1. This view is most similar to Chart Browser, for those on a previous version of SOAPware.  
  2. A user can Click on a column header to help them sort through the document list.

Chart Navigator Views: Linear

Chart Navigator Views: Linear

The Linear view is one consolidated list of all the documents in a patient's chart.  This list is initially sorted by Date/Time, but remember, the user can Click on another column header, like "section", to sort the document list. Double-click on a line item to open a document in a patient's chart.

Chart Navigator Views: Timeline

The Timeline view is mainly for viewing the relationship between documents over time. Click on the horizontal bar at the bottom to move forward/backward in time, or Click on the drop-down arrow next to the year. This will then bring up a calendar, where the user can select a month, date, and year. To view a document from this view, double-click on a document icon.