Welcome to SOAPware

Thank you for choosing SOAPware as your EMR.  

SOAPware can streamline nearly every facet in a clinical practice.  As with any new piece of equipment, there is a learning curve; we strive to make the users' learning experience as simple and straightforward as possible.

Before entering actual patient information into SOAPware and using the software “live” in a clinical setting, implementation and setup processes need to be planned and completed.  SOAPware's EMR Coaches are available to assist clinicians and other implementation leaders in the clinic environment to successfully complete this critically important process.  

Meaningful Use Certified

SOAPware 2011+ is Meaningful Use Certified (Certification Number: CC-1112-565910-1). In addition, SOAPware users are able to qualify for up to $44,000-$64,000 in Medicare/Medicaid bonuses between 2011 and 2015.

Please click here for the ONC-ATCB Certification Details.