Remove or Hide Field Headers

It is possible to hide field/headers in the SOAP or Summary chart sections (i.e. such as hiding the Subjective field in SOAP encounter notes)

Manage Sub-Items

Press F6 to open the Template manager, and Click the Template to modify (i.e. usually the choice is the default Template for that chart section).

With the Template to be edited in view, Right-click just underneath the last field in the Template (see screen-shot below). Positioning the cursor can be a little tricky because the right-click has to be in a location just after the last close bracket.

In the right-click menu, Click Manage Sub Items as seen below. (If the user sees a different menu when he/she right-clicks, move the mouse down just a little bit and try again.)

Hide the Header

Hide the Header

In the SMARText Quick Access, all the fields in the Template should be displayed. To hide one, Click its Check-box  to UN-check it. This doesn't actually remove the field, but has the same functional purpose.

NOTE: To reactivate the hidden field, simply re-check the field's check-box.

The Result

The Result

With ROS and Physical Un-Checked, they are no longer visible in the Template.


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