Introduction to HL7 Labs

HL7 Labs are lab reports received electronically from outside lab facilities.  To receive lab results electronically, a "SOAPwareXchangeHL7" license must be purchased.  


- Clinical Lab Test Results

For more information on Setup for SOAPwareXchangeHL7 please click here.

HL7 Labs in Patient Charts

HL7 Labs in Patient Charts

Labs sent from outside facilities to SOAPware will display in a patient's Chart.

In addition to the lab values and reference ranges, HL7 labs will contain other information within the report:

*Patient demographics

*Collection Date

    *Specimen Source

*Report Generated Date

*Performing Facility Information

Information contained within this report cannot be edited or deleted.

HL7 Lab Tasks

HL7 Lab Tasks

HL7 lab reports placed in the patient chart will automatically create a task and place item on the ordering provider's task list.  This can be signed off or reassigned  just as any other task . Note attached to task will say "HL7-facility name".