How to Use the CMS Quality Reporting Dashboard

This lesson is designed to walk the user through the steps of exporting Quality Measures data for reporting.

CMS Quality Reporting Workspace

CMS Quality Reporting Workspace
  1. Click on the SOAPware Menu
  2. Select the"CMS Quality Reporting Dashboard"

Clinical Quality Measures Export

Clinical Quality Measures Export

To export the data for a specific clinical quality measure, locate the quality measure to export and Click the Export button.  

Select the Reporting Period

Select the Reporting Period
  1. To select the reporting period for the export, choose the Custom option and enter the desired reporting period.
  2. Click the Create button to begin the export.

While the report is running, the user will see a progress bar similar to the one shown above.

Saving the Export Results

Saving the Export Results

To save the export results:

1.  Name the file.

2.  Choose the desired destination.

3.  Click the Save button.

Viewing the Report

Viewing the Report

To view the clinical quality measure report, locate the file that was saved and simply double-click on the icon.

Reading the XML File

Reading the XML File

SOAPware exports the Clinical Quality Measure file in XML format.  At this time, CMS does not require that the user upload the XML document during the attestation process.  However, this may be a requirement in future Meaningful Use Stages.

The XML export contains the following information:

  • Providers NPI Number
  • Selected reporting period
  • Clinical Quality Measure NQF or PQRI number
  • Eligible Instances/Denominator
  • Meets Performance Instances/Numerator
  • Performance Exclusion Instances (*Note: SOAPware does not report exclusions at this point in time.  This number will always be 0)
  • Performance Not Met Instances
  • Reporting Rate
  • Performance Rate (the Numerator divided by the Denominator)

Please see the above screenshot for a visual explanation of how to read the XML document.  The above screenshot can be resized for easier viewing (simply click on the picture to view a larger version).


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