Default Chart Layouts

There are several different possible layouts a user can pick from for their chart layout.  A user can even modify a chart layout and save it as their own.

Pre-defined Chart Layouts

Pre-defined Chart Layouts

To find these chart layouts, click on View in the main menu bar at the top of the screen, and click on Chart Layouts.

View Layout

View Layout

In  the image above, the user will see four chart layout choices that come defaulted with SOAPware.  To preview each chart layout, the user will need to be sure to have a patient's chart open. If the user wants to preview the 4.x Layout--the user will highlight that title from our list and click on the View Layout button.

V4 Classic Layout

This layout is one of the simplest options for it only displays the Summary Chart Section to the left, and the SOAPnote Chart Section to the right.

Default Layout

The Default Layout shows that a user can have multiple chart sections on the left and right of their chart layout.


The Multi-Layout splits the chart workspace into 3 panes.