Creating a SMARText item for a Provider's Cursive Signature

This lesson will demonstrate how to create a SMARText item that contains a physician's cursive signature.  In the lesson on Provider Manager, it was demonstrated how to save the provider's signature into Provider Manager.  This lesson will show how to take that signature, and create a SMARText item that can be placed into a docutainer.

Entering the Signature in Provider Manager

Entering the Signature in Provider Manager

First scan the Providers signature using the scanners software, and save on the computer.

  1. Open Provider Manager (Tools > Provider Manager) and select the clinician.  Then click the Signature tab.
  2. Click on the Select Image button.
  3. Once the image has been located, double click to insert.
  4. The image will not immediately be in view. Click on the button with the "-" sign repeated to re-size the image and bring it into view. Note that the size percentage changes as the image is re-sized.
  5. To save, click the Update button in the lower right hand corner.

To remove the image, simply click on the Clear button.

Placing Signatures in a Document Design

Placing Signatures in a Document Design

This signature can be placed in a document design for printing for faxing.

To insert a physician's signature on a document design, click Data Items > Misc. Data Items > Clinician > Signature

It is now possible to create a SMARText Signature Item to insert the signature into any docutainer using a shortcut.

Creating a SMARText Signature Item

Creating a SMARText Signature Item

Open the SMARText Items Manager by choosing Docutainers > SMARText Items, or press F10 on the keyboard.

Click on the Green + to create a new SMARText Item.

Type selection

To create a Signature item:

  1. Log in as the clinician to SOAPware.
  2. Click Custom.
  3. Click on the downward facing arrow to display list.
  4. Click on the node next to Controls.
  5. Select Clinician Signature.

Click Create.


Enter the Shortcut, Description and Keywords.  Do not fill out Display Header.

Click Save.

Insert Signature

To insert the SMARText item into the SOAP Note, type in the shortcut in one of the SOAP Note fields,  and press the space bar.

The SMARText Item will then be displayed in field.