Accessing Patient Charts

Chart Rack is very similar to a user's chart room.

Open the Chart Rack

To reopen a chart, select the Chart Rack docked tab located at the bottom of the Chart workspace. At the top of the Chart Rack viewer is a field, or box, labeled Search, and the cursor should be blinking in it.

Search for the Chart

Search for the Chart

A specific chart can be retrieved via 5 methods:

  1. Birth Date
  2. Chart Number
  3. Name
  4. Phone Number
  5. Social Security Number

To retrieve the chart by Name, begin typing the name. As the letters in the last name are entered, notice the corresponding chart name is highlighted-selected in the list after entering the third letter.

To search using another method, use the Type drop-down menu to change the search Type to one of the others listed above.

Open the Chart

Open the Chart

Once the name is highlighted-selected, in order to actually retrieve the chart, there are 3 options:

1. Press the Enter key

2. Click the Open Chart button

3. Double-Click on the name