Rx Manager - History Tab

The area under the History tab displays a complete list of all prescribing actions-transactions (refills, add/remove, start/stop, print, fax edits etc.) performed in Rx Manager. It distinguishes refills from new prescriptions. It also lists whether prescriptions were sent electronically (i.e. eRx), printed, faxed, samples, etc. The columns can be sorted by clicking on the headers. The Add button allows for prescriptions to be added to the Medication List in Rx Pad. There are additional columns to the right of the display that are accessible via the horizontal scroll bar (i.e. destination pharmacy, prescribed by etc.)

Medication History

Medication History

In order to renew a previous prescription in the list, click the Refill button to the left of the medication. This action inserts that prescription into the patient's Rx Pad.


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