Splitter Bars

Splitter Bars are blue bars with arrows and dots in the center of them.  When clicked on, they will collapse or expand to display more information, buttons, document lists, etc. They are also designed where the user can click on them to resize them.

Upper Splitter Bar

Upper Splitter Bar

Near the top of most chart section viewers (e.g. SOAP Note) is a very narrow, horizontal, blue bar with a couple of black triangles near the center.  This is the Upper Splitter Bar. Click-Hold down on the left mouse button on the Upper Splitter Bar, and drag the bar down to display the area above it. Click on it again to hide the area. Practice expanding, collapsing, and resizing the Upper Splitter Bar area. Of note is that the default state for its area is for it to not be completely closed in that it leaves the Date/Time  within view.

The Upper Splitter Bar hides and displays the Document's demographic information such as Owner, Status, Description, and Related Dx.

Lower Splitter Bar

As noted earlier, near the bottom of most chart section Document viewers (e.g. SOAPnote) is a very narrow, horizontal, blue bar with a couple of black triangles near the center called the Lower Splitter Bar. Left -Click on the Lower Splitter Bar to hide the area beneath it. Click on it again to reopen the area. Practice expanding and collapsing the Lower Splitter Bar area with consecutive clicks. Just as with the Upper Splitter Bar, it can also be resized by clicking-dragging.

At the bottom of the viewer is the Document/document List. It displays all the Documents (i.e. documents) within a particular chart section's Document viewer. It should now list the single SOAPnote just created.

Using Splitter Bars

For more information on how to use splitter bars, see: Splitter Bars.