This lesson will demonstrate how to document in the Summary Tobacco field.

Summary Tobacco Field

The Tobacco field in the Summary is used to record the patients past and present tobacco use history.  This field is also used to record smoking status and tobacco cessation counseling for Meaningful Use.

Placing of the Insertion Point

Placing of the Insertion Point

With a patient chart open and the Summary chart section visible:

  1. Place the insertion point to the right of the field header.
  2. Click the mouse to insert the cursor.

If the bold green brackets appear (as shown above), then the field is active and ok to begin entering data.

Recording Smoker Status for Meaningful Use 2014

Recording Smoker Status for Meaningful Use 2014

Using specific structured SMARText items in the Summary Tobacco field is required to meet the 2014 Meaningful Use measure for Stage 1 & 2. The options within the Smoking Status pick list have changed from the 2011-2013 requirements. All clinics will need to re-download the tobmu pick list in order to properly document for the 2014 requirements.

To re-download the tobmu pick list, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the SMARText Items Manager (hit F10 or go to Documents > SMARText Items).
  2. Enter tobmu into the Find box, then hit Enter or click the Search button.
  3. Locate and select the item TobMU - Tobacco Issues for Meaningful Use - 2014, as shown in the screenshot above.
  4. Click the Download button to update this item on your system. *Note: If you receive a pop-up box that states, "The SMARText item you are attempting to download already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?", click the Yes button.
Pick List

To enter the pick list for Tobacco, type tobmu into the Tobacco field then press the spacebar.

The Tobacco pick list is used to record past and present tobacco use.  This list is prepared by SOAPware to record the Meaningful Use requirements for Smoking Status: Stage 1 & Stage 2.

Accessing the Tobacco Pick List

Accessing the Tobacco Pick List

In SOAPware, text that appears Blue and Underlined indicates that a pick list is attached to the SMARText item.

  1. Click on the pick list header (ie: Smoker Status).
  2. A list of items will appear in the SMARText Quick Access Dialog.

Choosing the Patient's Smoking Status

Choosing the Patient's Smoking Status

To insert the patient's smoking status for Meaningful Use, click on the Smoker Status pick list header, and select the appropriate response from the SMARText Quick Access list.


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