Chart Rack

The Chart Rack is used to search for a patient chart.

Accessing the Chart Rack

Accessing the Chart Rack

To open the Chart Rack, use one of the following methods:

1. Click the Chart Rack Docked Tab

2. Press Control + Shift + C keys

3. Click Chart in the Menu bar, and Click the Chart Rack Menu item

Chart Retrieval

Chart Retrieval

A chart can be retrieved and opened by searching for a patient by any one of the following:

*  Last Name

*  Birth Date

*  Chart #

*  Social Security #

*  Phone #

Also, a chart may be retrieved by using the Alphabet bar by clicking on the corresponding letter of the patient last name.

Open Chart

Open Chart

A chart can be opened by taking one of the following actions:

1.  Double click on the highlighted patient name

2.  Press the enter key

3.  Click the Open Chart button