Custom SIGs

In SOAPware, most medications have pre-built Sigs that cover the most common prescribing scenarios. If the user was a previous SOAPware user, the user will need to update the existing Rx's so that they contain the latest settings. This is easily accomplished via the Update SMARText command in the SMARText Items Manager

Viewing Custom SIGs

Viewing Custom SIGs

Available Sigs are accessed via the Quick Access display. Click on the SIG- header to view available SIGs. Clicking on the Sig list item in the Quick Access list inserts it into the prescription item.

Creating a New Custom SIG

Creating a New Custom SIG

SOAPware allows users to modify the existing SIGs or add new ones at anytime.

To add a new custom SIG:

  1. Click in the empty sig line with the asterisk to the left.
  2. Type a shortcut into the first column if desired (ex: TID)
  3. Type the Dose, Frequency and Route instructions into the description column (ex: take 1 tab three times a day orally).  We recommended that you do not use apothecary terms (BID, TID, etc) within the SIG description.  Surescripts will be moving away from the use of apothecary terms.  Please type out the entire SIG in the description box.

NOTE: The Dispense/Quantity element does not automatically update based on the Sig.

Empty SIG

After typing in the new SIGs shortcut and description, Click on the Empty SIG line. This step will save the new SIG that was just created.


To insert the new SIG into the SOAPnote medication, Click on the custom SIG within the SMARText Quick Access.

Removing a Custom SIG

Removing a Custom SIG

Each Sig line has an X on the far right. Clicking on this will remove that Sig from the system.

NOTE: The Empty Sig and Structured Sig items are always present. if removed, they will simply be added the next time the Rx is activated.


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