Recent Updates

  • Updated on: Dec 19, 2017

    Share Charts Feature

  • Updated on: Jul 14, 2017

    Backing Up SOAPware Data

    The SOAPware DataManager is a database utility designed for the Postgres database. It uses existing, tried-and-true utilities provided by Postgres and Windows, but is wrapped up in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

    The DataManager allows the user to create and schedule backups, schedule maintenance tasks and perform database restores. Before going live using SOAPware in a production environment, it is important to do a restore test on a different PC/server. Establish a schedule to perform regular test restores in the future and do them anytime there are changes in the system configurations.

    SOAPware HIGHLY recommends that all users use Data Manager to create regular backups.

  • Updated on: Jul 13, 2017

    Remove or Hide Field Headers

    It is possible to hide field/headers in the SOAP or Summary chart sections (i.e. such as hiding the Subjective field in SOAP encounter notes)

  • Updated on: Jul 13, 2017

    Create Custom Field Headers

  • Durable Medical Supplies can now be created as SMARText Items and printed or  faxed from the Rx Manager.

    In this lesson we are going to create a prescription for Lancets.

  • Updated on: Jul 13, 2017

    Creating a Drug Course

    A new concept for SOAPware 2010 and later versions is the ability to have pick lists of customized Drug Courses for each individual medication.   Meaning, each Drug Course can be displayed using customized text in the format the user prefers.

  • This lesson will demonstrate how to create a SMARText item that contains a physician's cursive signature.   In the lesson on Provider Manager, it was demonstrated how to save the provider's signature into Provider Manager.   This lesson will show how to take that signature, and create a SMARText item that can be placed into a docutainer.

  • Updated on: Jul 10, 2017

    Custom SIGs

    In SOAPware, most medications have pre-built Sigs that cover the most common prescribing scenarios. If the user was a previous SOAPware user, the user will need to update the existing Rx's so that they contain the latest settings. This is easily accomplished via the Update SMARText command in the SMARText Items Manager

  • Updated on: Jul 10, 2017

    Drug and Allergy Interaction Checking

    Drug to Drug and Drug to Allergy interactions are checked each time a prescription is processed through Rx Manager, whether it is to be sent electronically, faxed or printed.

    The severity of the interactions the user wants to be alerted to is a setting under Tools > Security, which will also be covered in this lesson.


    - Drug Interaction Checks

  • Updated on: Jul 10, 2017

    Rx Manager - Refill Requests

    The Refill Requests tab provides a location to view this patient's matched refill requests. The user can approve or deny them here or the user can use the Refill Requests Manager to address all patient refills from one central place. To learn more about refill requests manager, see: Refills.