Scheduling Repeat/Recurring Appointments

This lesson will show how to set up repeat appointments for patients.

Open the Patient Account

Open the Patient Account

To schedule a recurring appointment:

  1. Open the appointment that needs to be set as a recurring appointment (double-click to open). This will open the patients account dialog window.
  2. On the Schedule tab, click Recurrence.

Recurrence Management

Recurrence Management

Click the Create Recurrence (green +) button.

Set the Recurrence Pattern

Set the Recurrence Pattern
  1. Enter the appointment time.
  2. Select whether the appointment will be on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis.
  3. Indicate how long the recurrence will take place. Select the Start Date, as well as either the number of occurrences for the appointment or an End Date for the recurrence.
  4. Click Save.

The recurring appointments should be scheduled, and the patients account updated automatically.


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