eRx Monitor

This application is used to download a user's refill requests from Surescripts.  If the application is running every 15 minutes, it will look at the Surescripts server to see if the user has any refills to download. eRx Monitor needs to run only on one computer for the day.

Important: The user will automatically be signed up for refill requests with SOAPware. The user must sign in to the eRx Monitor daily to receive those refill requests from the pharmacy.

Starting eRx Monitor

Starting eRx Monitor
  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. Click the All Programs menu item.
  3. Click the SOAPware menu item.
  4. Click the eRx Monitor menu item.

Signing In

Sign in as usual with a SOAPware log-in.

Check for Messages

Check for Messages

Click the Check for Messages button as needed.

Minimize the ePrescribing Monitor dialog and leave it running while the clinic is open.

Select User Task List

Select User Task List

The user can have it direct Refill Requests to the provider's task list or a certain task list the user chooses. The user can find any new refill requests in the Task List the user set to send the refills to.

In SOAPware, the user can also find all open Refill Requests by going to View >  All-Refill Requests.


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