Creating a Lab Flow Sheet

This lesson will show users how to create a lab Flow Sheet for tracking and graphing labs.  

Open Flow Sheets and Lab Chart Sections

Open the Flow Sheets and Lab chart sections in a patient's chart.

Create a New Empty Flow Sheet

Create a New Empty Flow Sheet

To create a new empty Flow Sheet, Click on the Green Plus in the Flow Sheet toolbar.  

Select "Empty Flow Sheet" and Click OK.

Select Labs to be entered on the Flow sheet

1.  Click on the item in the Lab report.

2.  Drag and Drop the item in the Flow Sheet.

The lab item is now placed in the Flow Sheet.  All results from that specific test are now entered on the Flow Sheet.

When new test results are entered in the Lab section, the results will automatically appear on the Flow Sheet.

Labs tests that are entered using a Lab Template or the HL7 Interface, may be placed on a Flow Sheet.  Lab results that have been scanned into the patient's chart will not be placed on the Flow Sheet.

Graphing Results

Graphing Results

Results may be graphed  by placing a check mark in the Graph box next to a particular test.

*Note: The graph will display what filter options are specified-such as a start and end date, or in the example above, the graph is displaying all the patient's results for INR due to the "Show All" box being checked.