Medication Entry

Search for Medications

Search for Medications

Click in the Medication field and type a keyword. Just like with Assessment items, you can search using F11 or Shift+F11.

In this example, we searched for "diovan" with an F11 (local) search. You do not have to enter the entire keyword, but the more letters you enter, the more specific the search results.

To enter one of these medication items, double click on the line you would like to insert.

Medication Items

Medication Items

The structured Medication items are a complex item type, containing several subitems. The medication items will be used to e-prescribe medications for this patient.


This is the point where you would e-Prescribe medications. To learn more about the Rx Manager and the e-Prescribing process, see - Rx Manager and Refills.

Drug Courses

You can also save courses of drugs that you prescribe often. This will speed things up when you want to prescribe one of these courses so that the strength, dose, frequency, etc. is already set up the way you need it to be. To learn about how to set these up, see: Drug Course Creation.


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