Setting Practice Security Defaults

Password Policy

Password Policy

Minimum Password Length

Sets a minimum requirement for password length.

Passwords expire Every __ Days

This number determines how frequently users must reset passwords.

Require Alpha-Numeric Passwords

Clicking this checkbox mandates that all users passwords will contain at least one number and one letter.

Lockout Policy

Lockout Policy

Lock Out Accounts

The default is to have a check in the checkbox for Lock out Accounts. Click the Lock out Accounts checkbox to uncheck if the preference is for users to never to be locked out. The lock out policy only applies if the wrong password has been entered too many times.

Account Lockout Duration

Sets the amount of time, in minutes, that the user account will be locked out.

Account Lockout Threshold

The number of incorrect attempts allowed before the lockout

Reset Account Lockout Counter

This setting determines the amount of time, in minutes, that the user has to wait before they can attempt to log in again.

Transaction Logging

Transaction Logging

This section defines the kind of user activity that will be tracked/logged within your system. Check all that apply.

Log User Log in/Logout

This setting will track the time that users log in and logout.

Log Data Access

Tracks the data that each user views and opens.

Log Item Creation/Deletion

Tracks when anything new is created or deleted by a user within the system.

Log Data Modifications

Any time information is changed or edited, it will be tracked and the time shown for the time of the change.

Idle Logout

Idle Logout

This setting determines how long a computer can be idle, until a user is logged-out. This is a security setting that helps prevent non-staff/non-employees from accessing patient records illegally.

Login Window

Login Window

Check this box to enable SOAPware to save the last user log-in ID in the Log-in field when the next attempt is made.

Signature Password

Signature Password

Specifies whether a password is necessary to sign-off documents.


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